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2013 Titan GS



You save $112.50 (15%)!

The 2013 Titan-GS is the ideal sail for easy Freerace sailing, with manageable power and competition speed. The lower aspect ratio and slightly wider sleeve with more lightweight XPly ensures the best application of extra cam pressure to stabilize draft. The continued use of flexible materials also makes the rotation soft and easy.

The desirable handling character and fluid maneuvering is a design trait from MauiSails that is already well known. Formula Experience racers find the new slightly flatter profile aloft matches perfectly with the deeper sections around the boom for acceleration and top speed control. Refined adjustments to leech seams respond to the moderate downhaul that results in the correct setting of the twist.

The increased use of X-Ply materials, including our custom gradient 3mil, creates a color shifting palette for a most attractive appearance.  Tensioning the battens via custom end fittings smoothes the trailing edge on both tacks evenly and the four tube/rod battens guarantee shape stability and light weight.

The minimal sleeve and tack area are protected from damage by a lightweight covering and the deep cutout is perfect for easily attaching the boom, especially when using the MauiSails custom carbon front end design. We recommend the use of an adjustable outhaul and include an integrated lightweight loop-on clew pulley as the low friction solution for full race capability.


The bits and pieces:

  • Generous use of highest quality U.S. made Xply material.
  • Low profile batten tension system with stainless steel adjustment screws.
  • Tube/rod battens have tapered batten pockets to keep tips straight.
  • Anti chafe polyurethane head bumper.
  • Fixed head webbing for easy insertion of mast without fussy head plug alignment.
  • Increased boom cutout depth aids boom attachment.
  • Zippered neoprene cutout closure.
  • Full framework of Kevlar unidirectional reinforcement
  • Race level clew cutaway.
  • Lightweight clew fitting with easy rigging loop feature.
  • Seam and foot beads for chafe protection.
  • Tough tack and sleeve anti-chafe material
  • Roller wheel cams with asymmetric shape.
  • Welded stainless steel and bronze triple wheel tack pulley.

Sizes: 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 11.0