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California's largest windsurfing rental fleet!

  • Beg, inter. & adv'd rentals for adults & children
  • Sail sizes: 0.8 to 7.5m
  • Board sizes: 70 to 240 litres
  • Alameda is best for beginner/advanced beginners
  • San Mateo is the best intermediate/advanced riders

Boardsports Rental Options:

Onsite Beginner & Intermediate Rentals
Season Intermediate Rental Passes
Offsite "Expert Only" Rentals
Beginner Lesson Student Specials


Onsite Beginner Rentals

-  2 Hours: $35
-  4 Hours: $55
-  10 Hour Card: $140  (Buy 4, get 1 Free)
-  Wetsuit: $15 (2 hrs)

Alameda is the best beginner location.

See Beginner Student Specials


Onsite Intermediate/Advanced RentalsCatching The Wind!

-  2 Hours: $50
-  4 Hours: $80
-  10 Hour Card: $200  (Buy 4, get 1 Free)
-  Wetsuit: $15 (2 hrs)
-  Harness: $12 (2 hrs)

Coyote is the best location for intermediates/advanced riders


Season Intermediate  Rental Passes:

-  1 Month: $299
-  2 Months: $499
-  3 Months: $649

Rates above do not include wetsuit, harness, or taxes.

Please see Rental Pass Policies


Offsite "Expert Only" Rentals

For experts only!  Please EMAIL us:

-  # of years riding
-  ability level and conditions in which you ride
-  Current gear owned

1 board, 2 sails, mast, boom, extension, universal:

-   1 day: $100
-   2 days: $85/day
-   3 days: $75/day
-   4+ days: $65/day

-Offsite wetsuit rental $30/day

-Offsite harness rental $25/day

Rates above do not include taxes.

Please call/ EMAIL us to arrange advance payment & pick up/drop off times so we can be ready to go with your gear.


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Beginner Lesson Student Rental Specials

We want you to "get hooked" on windsurfing, so we make it ridiculously cheap to get started.
Take either our 1 or 2 day beginner lesson and you are eligible for our Student Special Passes:

$99 Pass*

-  First 30 day: unlimited 2-hr beg. rentals (pays for itself in less than 3 rentals)
-  PLUS 5% off a wetsuit purchase

$149 Pass*

-  First 30 days:unlimited 2-hr beg. rentals
-  PLUS:  2 hour Progression lesson (Reg: $90 for the class)
-  PLUS: 10% off a wetsuit purchase

$199 Pass*

-  First 30 days:unlimited 2-hr beg. rentals
-  PLUS:  2 hour Progression lesson (Reg: $90 for the class)
-  PLUS:  2hr intermediate rentals once your 30 day package expires (normal price $50)
-  PLUS 10% off a wetsuit purchase

*Please see Rental Pass Policies

Buy Student Specials:

Please note TAXES are ADDED in prices below for the rental portion of purchase. Lessons are not taxable. 

Package Option incl tax
Your Full Name
Your Cell Phone #


Rental Pass Policies:

-  Passes must be purchased the day you finish your beginner lesson & expires in 30 days.
-  Passes gives you unlimited 2 hour rentals/day for designated time period.
-  Gear must be returned 30 minutes prior to closing time. I.e., rentals must be returned at 5:30 when we close at 6pm.
-  Passes are deeply discounted.  Gear is self-service.  You assist with setting up, rinsing & putting away the gear.
-  Gear rentals do not include wetsuit rental. Wetsuits are available for rent or may be purchased from us.

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Alameda vs San Mateo

We have exclusive teaching rights at the best beginner friendly location in the SF Bay Area, Crown Beach Alameda.

Alameda features a 2 mile long sandy beach with shallow, warm water, little to no obstacles, and light beginner-friendly winds (mornings 5-10, afternoons typically 10-15mph).  All of our gear is right on the beach. This teaching location is one of the easiest places to learn due to the long beach and shallow warm water. By August, the water temperature reaches 70 degrees (vs 55 at Crissy Field in San Francico). At our facility in Alameda ("the Shack") we have an outdoor shower, changing room, and retail shop carrying a full line of wetsuits, harnesses, windsurf gear & accessories.


San Mateo has stronger winds, 10-12 in the mornings, and averaging 20mph+ every afternoon from March-September. With higher winds, chop, and swell, this location are best for students that are comfortable in higher wind conditions. We teach our beginner windsurf class earlier (9am) so we can get you on the water before the winds pick up and are too strong. The afternoons are perfect for intermediate to advanced windsurfers, providing both high wind and swell.  For afternoon windsurfing, waterstart skills are highly recommended. All of our gear is right on the beach.

At our "Chalet" facility in San Mateo, we have hot showers, a snack bar, and a full retail shop.



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